Scary Maze Game

scary maze game logoScary Maze Game 1 is a game that will require you to use too much patience and concentration.  You need to guide a dot in the blue scary maze by pressing on a left button of the mouse and the pointer will turn into a dot on its own. You need to ensure that you are not able to hit the walls of the maze until you are able to reach to the red square since if you lose, you will have to start the entire game once again.

The level of the games

Level one is a giveaway level since it is too easy when it comes to play in its maze and you can get to the red box faster.

Level two will require you to concentrate even more since the scary maze will start to get narrower as you try to reach to a red box and before you move to the level 3.

Level 3 is a much awaited level because the surprise is revealed when you reach this stage. You need to concentrate on the dot because the scary maze gets even narrower and you can reach to a red box and it is hard to pass within it by using only the first shot.

Features of Scary maze game

scary maze game

Scary maze game 1 is full of excitement and pleasure regardless who plays the game and who shares the game.  If you are looking to enjoy something scary, then it is time to play the game. If you are sure that you are able to pass through all the scary maze, then you have to be prepared to enjoy it. You may share the game together with the friends and family who will enjoy the priceless experience of playing with you.

The game is the first game in the Scary Maze series and you may be wrong if you think that it is the lamest game. The game needs your full concentration and many teens are addicted to the game and this means that they will be playing it on daily basis. The game is a unique game and it is different from other scary games that you can find on the internet. The maze is a scary game and it can make you scream as a hell and this is why the players keep coming back to play it.

play scary maze game

How to play Scary maze game

You as a character, you are represented by a small colored ball and you have to pass through the maze without touching on the wall. When you touch on walls, it is not matter what level you will be on, you are going to be sent back at the beginning of the level one once again yandere simulator.   There is no need to use the keys to control the level of the game.

A ball can be moved within the maze in a simple way and it can be done by the help of a mouse. You should not click or even press on other extra keys. The game has an important place in the funniest and scariest game in the history of the online games. It is the epic game that makes people cry, scream or laugh.